Our Firm

With over 70 years of combined experience working with clients, we understand that establishing a relationship with a trusted and knowledgeable advisor is an important decision, one that takes time and deserves careful consideration. Navigating the overwhelming number of financial products and services has become even more difficult, increasing the need to seek professional guidance. At the heart of a relationship with your advisor should be the assurance that you consistently receive sound financial advice that is in your best interest and that you fully comprehend.  At Bethea, Angst and Hicks, we are independent financial advisors representing our clients, not a particular company. We take a comprehensive approach to financial planning; coordinating your retirement, investment, tax, estate and insurance plans.  We have developed strategic alliances with other professionals, including attorneys and CPAs, to provide these services.  Our success has been the result of building long-term relationships with clients and providing personalized service.