Our Services

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is a disciplined process made up of six distinct phases: (1) Identify financial goals and objectives, (2) Gather data, (3) Analyze information and develop a long term strategy, (4) Present and explain the rationale behind the recommendations, (5) Implement the strategy and (6) Continually monitor and update the financial plan. A financial plan should give you a clear picture of where you stand financially. Financial Planning is like all other phases of life; it involves choices, and sometimes those choices can seem overwhelming. We will listen to your concerns and objectives, and help you to define your goals. We will then analyze your personal situation and develop a comprehensive financial plan tailored just for you. We will review and explain your individualized financial program and initiate a course of action to help you achieve your financial objectives. Finally, we will review your progress on an ongoing basis, and will be there when you have a question, when you need guidance, or when one of life's milestones might require a reevaluation of your goals.


Wealth Management

It’s such a broadly used term and used by many planners and advisors all over the world.  But what exactly is "Wealth Management"?  Simply put, it’s a service that incorporates financial planning, investment management, insurance and risk planning, and a number of other financial services blended and coordinated together.  Our job is to help you understand how all the pieces of your financial puzzle fit together.    And whether you need one of our services or all of our services together, we are ready to provide the highest level of service in our industry.


Investment and Asset Management

Bethea, Angst and Hicks is an independent advisory firm, this means that we are not beholden to any particular investments, mutual funds or any particular group of stocks or bonds. We operate completely free of any proprietary products and have access to institutional class mutual funds, individual stocks or bonds, separate account managers, exchange-traded-funds, insurance and annuity products, and alternative investments. 


Retirement Planning

Developing, implementing, and “sticking to” a retirement plan can be challenging.  Our job is to help investors plan, implement and manage every phase of their pre- and post-retirement life in a more holistic fashion to achieve and to maintain their desired standard of living.  Recreating income in retirement is considered to be the key to retirement security.  And in today’s marketplace, there is no shortage of strategies and products designed to help you do just that.  But identifying the right strategy and product for your unique situation can be challenging, and must take into account your complete financial situation.   


Education Planning

The cost of college can be intimidating for most parents, and for good reason.  But prudent planning can help eliminate both the financial and emotional stress of paying for higher education.


Estate Planning

As advisors, we understand that “the end” is the last thing most clients want to think about.  But we also understand that failing to prudently plan for your end of life care and wealth transfer can be disastrous.  At Bethea, Angst and Hicks, we believe in two wealth transfer principles. 1) The Treasure Principle – You cannot take your wealth with you, but you can send it ahead.  2) The Wisdom Principle – Never pass wealth without first passing wisdom.

Securities America and its representatives do not provide legal advice; therefore it is important to coordinate with your legal advisor regarding your specific situation.


Insurance and risk planning

Insurance and risk planning is a key component to any sound financial plan.  As independent advisors, we have access to virtually the entire marketplace of insurance and annuity products.  Because we are not beholden to any company or product, we are able to match the best possible product and strategy to our client’s unique needs.


Business Planning

From qualified plans such as 401(k), SEP and Simple IRAs, to key person insurance, business owners have specialized needs that need specialized advice.  We have the knowledge and experience to help navigate the financial side of the business, which allows business owners to focus on what's most important to them; the business.